Flax Seed

Using Evening Primrose and Flax seed Oil together can help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Flax Seed can be eaten whole and will soothe irritations throughout the entire digestive tract. The seeds absorb fluids drawing in the toxins; this acts as an effective laxative. The seeds do not have much flavor so they can be added to almost anything salads, cereals, when baking breads or muffins, add to soups or other hot foods. It really can go in almost anything fill a Parmesan shaker jar with Flax seed and keep on your table near the salt and pepper. Taken by the spoonful is the quickest way to get all the benefits this small seed has to offer.

To Make Flax seed Tea use 1 tablespoon of crushed seeds per cup of water. Let partially dissolve, drink, and follow with a second cup of water. It is good with a little lemon and honey. You can drink flaxseed tea for most stomach disorders including constipation and diarrhea. It can also be used to soothe sore throats, and coughs. Roasted Flax seed tea is great for a hot drink in the morning to replace of coffee.

Flax seed is also used in Aromatherapy eye pillows, because it is lightweight, it is added to herbal eye pillows and heat packs. The seeds are quiet, non-clumping and are instead of rice, buckwheat hulls.

Be Informed

Become well informed and use precaution before using any medical remedies. Always consult with your doctor before introducing anything new to your diet. The information presented on these is not intended to replace your Doctors advice.



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Essential Oils

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