Anxiety and Tension Reliever

2 Drops Geranium Essential Oil
2 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
2 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil

Uplifting in a diffuser for all to enjoy. A lovely perfume and of course, don't forget the bath.

Bath Salts Recipe

Rock salts
Food coloring (a few droplets)
Fragrance (scented oils)

Mix the Epsom salts, the food coloring and your fragrance together. Its easy if you throw them into a Ziploc bag and shake well. Fill a decorative glass container and wrap a colorful ribbon around the neck or decorate the lid and your bath salts recipe becomes a pretty gift to give.

Milk Bath Recipe

2 parts skim milk powder
1 part cornstarch
droplets of scented oil

Mix the dry ingredients together and add the droplets of your favorite scented oil to your milk bath recipe.

Bath Oil Recipe

1 1/2 oz. olive oil
3 oz. almond oil
1 oz. sesame oil
1 oz. canola oil
1/2 oz. wheat germ oil
25 droplets of fragrant essential oil

Pour oils in a jar, cap with a tight fitting lid and shake well. Add approximately 1 oz. to your bath oil recipe per bath

Essential Oils Precautions

Essential oils are very concentrated. Their safe use requires they be treated with care and respect. The user should be knowledgeable about their properties and actions before any use. Always consult with your doctor especially if pregnant or nursing. Become well informed and use precaution before using any medical remedies. Always consult with your doctor before introducing anything new to your diet. The information presented on this web is not intended to replace your Doctors advice.