String of Pearls Succulent

Senecio rowleyanus more commonly known as string of pearls, is native to South Africa. The plant has round pea like leaves that grow down long and slender stems. In the natural environment they tend to grow towards the shade. They will thrive if they are grown in bright but in-direct light.

String of Pearls succulent

This succulent enjoys growing in shallow, hanging baskets. They have a really shallow root system. String of pearls is a fast grower that quickly creeps across the surface of the pot and then cascades out the side. The trailing stems can reach three feet long.

The String of Peals produces ½ inch flowers that look like daisies. They are white with yellow anthers and long red stamens. They can last up to a month.

As with all succulents String of Pearls needs well-draining soil and doesn't need a lot of water. Wait until the soil is completely dry between watering. Too much water will cause root rot and eventually kill the plant.String of Pearls plant

Propagating String of Pearls

The best way to propagate the String of Pearls is by taking a 3-4 inch stem tip cutting. I remove the leaves from the bottom of the cutting. I lightly cover a few nodes with soil and then roots will begin to grow. Be patient.



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Succulents are growing in popularity due to the ability to be slightly neglected. They are low maintenance, beautiful flowers and are easy to propagate.


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Essential Oils

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