Making Elderberry Syrup

Making elderberry syrup is simple.

Making Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is often compared to Tamiflu. I discovered it last year when I caught a coughing virus that lasted three weeks. I was looking for something more natural to take. Cough syrup is not all that desired in the taste department. I’m not a doctor or herbalists but I love this stuff. Every time I make a batch I end up sharing some with my family and friends. It is something that everyone should try. So far almost everyone loves it. However, I have had a couple of people, not like it. So I recommend buying a bottle and trying it first before investing the money in buying everything that is needed to create your own syrup.

Jars and honey is ready

Elderberry syrup is expensive to buy. It is much cheaper and easy to make yourself. It is around ten dollars for 4 ounces buying it at a store. And it comes out to be less than five dollars for a pint of it when making your own. I bought mine pre-made the first time I used it. But quickly learned how good it is and wanted to learn to make my own.  I believe it is worth the effort to make it yourself. Especially if you have family and friends. Because once they discover how great it works. You will be sharing the elderberry syrup with them every time you make a batch. 

Adding cinnamon, ginger and clove

Elderberry syrup has a sweet honey taste. One of its main ingredients is honey. It can be taken once a day as a preventative. Or 3-4 times a day when sick. Adults can use a tablespoon serving. And children use teaspoon servings. When using it as a preventative make sure and take the weekends off. Because you don’t want to develop a tolerance. I personally only use the daily doses when around kids and during the flu season.

Cheese cloth for straining

Elderberries can never be eaten raw. They are extremely dangerous without cooking them first. Once you learn how to prepare the berries for consumption, the rest is pretty easy. Elderberry has a long history of culinary and medicinal uses.

For the recipe click the link

Cup full of elderberries

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