Fire Stick Cactus

Euphorbia tirucalli v. rosea more commonly known as Fire Stick Cactus.

I was shopping at a grocery store one day and I came across this cute bright green stick looking plant. It had no name and it was just sitting in soggy soil. It was so water logged. I looked at the price and it was like 6.99 for a 2 inch green stick in a water logged pot that may or may not already have root rot. I thought if it does live its going to be a cool looking plant. If it doesnt live I just wasted 7 dollars. And for 7 dollars I could get a much bigger succulent from some where else. I am not going to buy that for such an outrageous price. It is a 2 inch succulent that is almost dead. I sat it back down and continued my shopping. I was headed to the register with a basket full of groceries. And that little green stick went through my head. I thought if I do not take it. It will for sure die. So I turned my basket around and headed to that little succulent. I picked it up and put it into my basket and headed to the check out counter.

New growth in the shade

Once I got home the first thing I did was transplant that little guy. I put it into dry soil. I did not water it after I transplanted it. It was so water logged I knew it could use some drying out time. I took it out and placed it with all of my other small succulents on my patio. It is an area that only gets morning sunlight. It seemed like forever before anything changed with that little green stick. Then one day I noticed new growth and it was this yellow color. It was so cute. 

Fire Stick cutting growing in the shade

I was on Facebook and one day someone in one of my many plant groups posted a photo of this bright red/orange stick plant. I was so excited to see it because mine looked just like it. But mine was green. I commented on the photo and asked the name of their plant. They told me Fire Stick Cactus. I responded with a picture of my green stick plant and asked if our plants were the same. Some people said yes and others said No. A heated debate about the Fire Stick cactus broke out with a couple plant people.  

What I learned through that Facebook post that day was the Fire Stick Cactus turns that bright red/orange color when they are in full sun. So I slowly started putting my little green stick cactus into more sunnier areas until I thought it was ready to go into full sun. My little green stick plant slowly turned bright red/orange through the course of a couple months in full sun. Some succulents turn bright beautiful colors just like the Fire Stick Cactus does. They just need to be stressed out by the sun.

This white sap causes skin irritations on humans and dogs

The more I researched on this succulent the more interesting things I found out about it. For instance it has a sap that comes out if it is broken. And that sap causes burning irritations if it makes contact with skin. The more I research about it, the more I realize the sap seems to be pretty toxic. I now use gloves when I handle it. Make sure to wash off the sap immediately if it comes into contact with skin. Do not rub eyes or touch any other skin with the hand or hands that contacted the sap. I have also read that our furry companions can become irritated due to the sap as well. Be careful when handling this plant and where you place it. 

The little water logged 2 inch green stick I found 6 months ago dying at the grocery store

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