Backyard Fire

Heat damage from fire
Severe heat damage 

We had a fire in our back yard a couple weeks ago. It was a pretty scary night. Our back yard plus three of our neighbors were damaged by the fire. We lost 2 sheds, a pool, and a 4×4 truck. Plus all of our tools and belongings that were in the sheds. One of our neighbors lost their whole shed as well. And two other neighbors had some damage to their sheds but they are able to have theirs fixed. Four fence lines were also damaged or completely burned to the ground. It was a very sad scary night for all of us. The neighbors included. Fire is powerful and destructive. The smell and burnt debris that is left behind is awful.

                 Heat damaged String of Hearts 

My string of hearts and both of my big beautiful Wandering Jew plants also have severe heat damage. All of my huge sunflower plants died in the fire. A few days before the fire I started to harvest a few of them so thankfully I will have seeds for next years crop. I have been slowly trimming all the damaged leaves off of my plants. 

Heat damage

We have put up new fence lines and have removed over 12 tons of burnt derbies from the backyard. There is a blank canvas back there now. And I am excited to create something new from the ashes. I am also very grateful that my family, animals and our house survived that massive fire on Sept 7, 2018

4 thoughts on “Backyard Fire”

  1. So very grateful everyone was safe, and the damage was limited to the yard. What a wonderful gift to begin anew. Make something wonderful, peaceful, and full of life. A pond, with waterfall and lily pads with koi fish and frogs. LOL. Just have fun and create away. Hugzzz. Love you guys

    1. Thank you! We are also very grateful that we are alive and the damage was in the yard. It could have been so much worse. We have done so much work out there. It is a totally different backyard. It is looking so much better! <3

  2. Im quite intrigued myself to see what new beautiful things we will create in the midst of our horrible tragedy out with old in with the new

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