Sage Herb Plant

Herbs are plants that may be used for its culinary, medicinal, or fragrant properties. They are a wide group of plants that may be growing anywhere. Some grow as wildflowers, some are fragrant ground covers, and others are weeds that grow in our driveways. They are used fresh, dried and in the most purest form the Essential Oils of the plants.

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries; they are the most over looked of all medical remedies known to man. Did you know Ginger and Pineapple are good for arthritis? That Chamomile can relieve pain, Rosemary is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory and mental clarity?

There are effective home remedies to try before using the chemicals imitated in modern medicine. There are books and articles everywhere from respectable authors who you can trust. Do your research before trying any home remedies and always consult with your Doctor. I usually try to use herbs before going to the doctor. There are many reasons for this, but lets just say I trust Mother Nature more.


Garden Fresh Herbs

Having Garden Fresh Herbs always adds a unique flavor and look to your salads and other dishes. It also adds just a little bit of protection from most health problems we all develop in later years.

If you have, a nice sunny yard or window try growing a herb garden. They are one of the easiest gardens to grow and will do well with container gardening for those who have no room for a garden.


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